How Does My Marriage Impact Others?

How Does My Marriage Impact Others?

In our individualistic culture, it is easy to think that my life is my life, my family is my family. What I do is my business and doesn’t impact others.

That is definitely not true in marriage.

What I do—good or bad—will impact another person, namely my husband.

To take it a step further, how I live with my husband will impact my children.

And I don’t think it is too much of a stretch to say it will impact the church at large as well.

It’s not because I think my life is all that important or exemplary.

It is because I know that our relationships are more than simply interactions of convenience or necessity.

They point to a greater reality.

What happens in my relationships will reflect to others what I really believe about God.

So when I struggle with my husband, when I get angry at him for small issues or infractions, when I withhold my heart from him when I am hurt, or when I think of “me” instead of  “us,” there will be ripple effects.

Instead of doing good to him, I may do him harm (the opposite of Prov. 31:12).

I might also affect my children and our home environment with my anger, coldness, or selfishness.

I might be a stumbling block or poor example to my brothers and sisters in Christ.

I might hamper my testimony to our neighbors and weaken the witness of the church.

What might my marriage be saying?

I believe part of the good works God has designed me to do will be in the context of my marriage.

Building up my husband.

Providing a warm home for my children.

Encouraging others to build up their own families.

Being salt and light to those around me.

As I seek to nurture my marriage, I believe these things will also happen.

Even if we are just one couple, I want our marriage to be used by God to touch those around us. It may not be many people, but it’s not about numbers.

It’s about letting God impact others as He works in me and through me to bless the relationships and circles He has placed me in.

The way I live my life, including my marriage, says something about God and His Kingdom.

What is my marriage saying?

There is so much more to marriage than what I see here and now. We are getting ready to be the Bride of Christ.

The way we prepare and plan is by investing in the people that He gives us—with my husband being a key relationship. Right here. Right now.

Who has God placed in your life? How might your marriage bless them? Or how might the state of your marriage affect them?

Let us consider prayerfully with the Lord how to build our marriages so that we glorify Him, build others up, and prepare ourselves for the day of glory to come.

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