The Best Advice Ever

The Best Advice Ever

So we established that following your heart is not the way to real life. In fact, it will deceive you and mislead you instead. We need another way.

The good news?

There is one

Follow His heart.

So why is following God’s heart the best advice?

It boils down to the difference in the nature of that heart. Here are some reasons why His heart is far superior than ours.

1. He is sovereign.

He sees all sides, all perspectives, and understands all connections. There is no way my limited human heart can see those things. He acts in ways that will benefit all. I will only act in the way that serves me.

2. He is holy.

His heart is pure and unstained by sin, unlike mine. His holiness allows him to see rightly—and therefore act consistently with His perfect will and purposes. My sinful nature will deceive me every time.

3. He is purposeful.

Because He is sovereign and holy, I can trust that His purposes are likewise going to be the best, fitting in perfectly to His eternal plans. My goals are often short-lived and temporary.

4. He is perfect love.

Everything He plans and designs will accomplish something good, even if it seems random or takes me through difficult paths. My heart will lead me to love myself first.

My deceptive heart fools me into thinking I am my own god and that I know what is best. I will always take the shortcut to my comfort.

But following my heart fails to acknowledge that there is more to life than my own desires. I am not made for my own glory. I am designed for His. This is where true life and joy is found.

Following God alone is what makes me sane. It is a statement of faith that I believe what He says about my limited humanity. It acknowledges that He is far greater than me. It orients me as the creation towards my Creator, as a sinner towards my Savior, and as a child towards my Father.

Following God’s heart does have a price tag: relinquishing my control. I need to surrender the belief that I know what’s best for myself. I may even need to die to long-held, cherished desires. It is hard because it cuts against my desire to be God. (Gen 3:5)

But it’s not all about death. It’s dying to my old self so I am free to follow a new path to a truly fruitful life. (John 12:24) Instead of jockeying for my rights, I am free to pursue the paths that truly lead to deep satisfaction and joy, even when life is hard.

Whose heart will you follow? The choice is yours.

Action: Where do you feel the temptation to follow your own heart instead of God’s? What is so tempting about your heart? What are the costs of following God’s heart? What are the benefits of following Him—for yourself and for others—for eternity?  

“Let’s start at the very beginning…”

“Let’s start at the very beginning…”

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