The Secret to Growth: The Treasure of a Teachable Heart

The Secret to Growth: The Treasure of a Teachable Heart

I was one of those people who actually liked school. I realize that this might put me in the “weird” category, but it’s true.

But I think more important than liking school is enjoying the learning process.

The good news is that we all can learn—even without books.

The key is a teachable heart.

What do I mean by that? It means approaching and understanding life with a humble spirit, realizing that there is always something more to learn.

Years ago, my husband and I shepherded a Christian college fellowship in our area. When looking out for potential student leaders for our group, it didn’t matter if they struggled with school or were just starting to study the Bible. It didn’t matter if they couldn’t pray in public very well.

It was far more important that they knew they were unprepared or ill-equipped but didn’t want to stay that way. These were the ones open to listening, hearing—and changing.

The same is true for us as adults. Whether we were good students or not, we can all be teachable. We can be high school dropouts or hold advanced degrees, but the playing ground is level here.

Thinking we’ve “been there, done that” can close so many doors to our growth and maturity. When we nurture a teachable heart, life comes alive.

For those of us who shepherd others—whether they are our own children or younger disciples in the faith—modeling a teachable heart will help them approach learning in a similar way.

As redeemed people, life is a journey of reorientation—recognizing that which is unfruitful and retraining it into what is fitting for a child of God.

There will always be something more to learn. When we realize that, we too will be open to listening, hearing—and changing.

When we are redeemed through Christ, the world we live takes on a new meaning, a new interpretation. As He changes how we see, it will change how we live and how we walk.

Whether you are a new believer or have been walking with Jesus for many years, cultivate a teachable heart.

If you struggle with this, ask God to change your heart. Ask Him to soften it, humble it, and fill it.

I am now no longer a full-time student, but I still like to learn. It makes me feel like a child when I discover something new. These lessons can come through books, but just as often, they come through life.

I believe it is part of the process of change in my own heart as I work through the struggles of adoption. As He teaches me new things—about myself, about Anah, about the way of Christ—I see the effects of that learning improving my outlook, changing my perspective, deepening my faith, and refining my character.

There is so much to learn, and the rewards are great.

Is your heart teachable?

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