An Update for the Summer!

An Update for the Summer!

Just a little update here!

This summer, I started taking my fourth class through CCEF’s School of Biblical Counseling—my annual personal growth investment. As I have written previously, I do believe that taking the time to learn something new that will stretch my mind also stretches my reach as I seek to make disciples in this little corner of the world God has planted me.

These classes usually take a significant time investment. The old brain takes a little more time to process at my age, but I am also busier with other commitments that I didn’t have when I was younger.

I am also planning on facilitating a book study of Nancy Guthrie’s Even Better Than Eden at my church on Sunday mornings this summer as well. Between studying for my class and preparing for Sunday school, I am feeling the time crunch. [Update: If you’d like to study along, click here for reading schedule, questions, and reflections.]

So I’m thinking out loud here with you as I process what to do this summer.

I can’t do everything. I don’t want to do everything. I’d rather do a few things and do them well.

For this summer, I believe it is investing in this course, facilitating this study, and focusing on my family. We have a lot of celebrations—my son’s graduation, an overdue birthday party, and an anniversary, and I want to be fully present for those as well.

I try to limit myself to three top priorities…which means I need to let go of something else.

So for this season, I may blog a little less frequently. However, I do not believe that I will drop off. There is something about writing that is still important, a discipline that I still want to practice. My goal is to write one post a week, working through the book we’re studying, so if you want to join along, I hope you will!

For me, this is also a part of intentional living—thinking through life a quarter at a time, focusing on the top three things and then modifying the rest so that I can make more significant process on the things that are important. I’d rather make good progress in one area than try to keep it all and do very poorly in everything. The stress of trying to do that is not good for my health, nor is it good for my relationships and my testimony.

And I’d rather not do that.

So I just wanted to let you know what’s going on over here. I’m not quitting…just taking it slower for the summer.

Thank you for reading and for your understanding. I hope you will be able to do the same for your summer as well.

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