Where Do I Begin? (Part Two): Making the Shift

Where Do I Begin? (Part Two): Making the Shift

So, the first thing is simply to carve out time to assess with God, to sort and sift the wheat and the chaff.

But we all know it’s not so simple. We can’t just drop commitments or flake out.

From my own experience, this is where projects come in. There are two types.

First, there are projects that help me to prepare for the changes to come: clearing out weeds, rewiring the system, laying the foundation. Not fun, but vital.

Then comes the fun part: projects that sow in positive, desirable, and helpful patterns that multiply and produce fruit.

Here’s the thing: We simply cannot stack more on. Before we start making big plans to live out our goals, we need to prepare the soil.

Let’s see if I can illustrate.

In my last post, I shared how I believed the Lord was calling me out of my ministry position to focus full time on my family. Yet I couldn’t just simply tender my resignation the next day.

Now God didn’t give me a to-do list.

But He does gift us with a few tools: prayer, the Holy Spirit, and wise counsel. He expects us to use these to step out in faith and act, even if we don’t have a script to follow.

For me, this meant seeking the counsel of my husband and praying with him about our next steps. Stepping down would mean that we would lose about 1/3 of our family’s income.

That’s not an easy punch in the gut.

But he agreed it was what I needed to do. We began praying for wisdom on how to make that transition.

And so began some of our “weeding” projects over the next six months, to prepare for that move.

Some of it came in learning new habits of economy, like eating economically at home.

Some of it came in exploring creative options for bringing in the income we needed, like bringing in extra income with woodworking projects.

All of it needed to be an act of faith, because things didn’t work out on paper.

Looking back, I realized the first steps were the most difficult. Why? Because we are moving out of a well-worn track into a new one. Whether big or small, it’s scary because it’s different.

Courage is necessary to break out of the old and into the new.

To get out of that rut, it makes no sense to simply better manage what you don’t want.

We need to get out of that rut by doing things differently. It feels unnatural.

It is at these points that we turn back or quit. We make goals—and they never happen.

However, if we persevere over this hump, the new track has a chance to unfold.  

But God gave us faith to keep choosing the hard.

When I did, a found a new “yes” unfolding, one I could not have imagined had I held on to the comfortable.

To be continued…

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