How Can I Stay Connected With God?: The Power of a Rhythm of Life

How Can I Stay Connected With God?: The Power of a Rhythm of Life

I first heard about developing a rhythm of life about fifteen years ago.

Life was busy.

Housework. Family. Homeschooling. Ministry.

And I was burnt out.

Life was chaotic and empty. I felt depressed as I tried to manage all the spinning plates only to find them dropping and crashing.

I’m sure you know what it’s like to live in survival mode.

And sometimes that is what we need to do. New babies, settling into a new home, emergencies—there are times for that.

But when what is meant to be a season becomes a way of life, that’s not good.

That is where I found creating a rhythm of life so helpful.

First, a definition:

Basically, a rhythm of life is a uniquely ordered collection of spiritual disciplines that provides space for you to connect with God—daily, weekly, annually. It is through these regularly practiced habits that we are transformed into Christ.  

A few highlights:

This world and all its pressures, temptations, and distractions frequently distract us, and we forget who we are and whose we are.

Thoughtfully selecting these disciplines and then practicing them so that we do them naturally reaps great benefits.

For one, when those crazy seasons hit, it anchors me.

I am better able to weather those changes because there is something stabilize me.

As a busy mom, I have noticed this rhythm can change as my kids grow.

With little ones, I have found that a daily time in the Word (even if it is five minutes!) plus a weekly commitment to corporate worship on Sundays formed a simple rhythm for this season.

As they have grown, I have slowly added daily journaling, a weekly Sabbath (which is not always the same as Sunday worship), a monthly extended time of solitude and an annual overnight retreat.

These form a strong foundation of connection for me.

Each year, I prayerfully evaluate my existing rhythm and consider my season of life. Then I add or modify as needed.

Whatever your season in life, thoughtfully crafting a rhythm can help you stay connected with God.

I have found when I am connected with Him, I think more like Him. I make choices that better reflect His priorities.

Some people may find a rhythm constricting.

Maybe that’s why it is often called a rule of life.

But instead of it being a rule to follow, I like to think of it as a rule to compare against.

It gives me a fixed straight line so that when I deviate, I have something to go back to.

If I believe I am here to reflect God, serve as steward, and love Him and others by making disciples, I need help.

All day.

What do you need in your rhythm of life?

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