Preparing for Our Wedding

Preparing for Our Wedding


As I wrap up this series, we are also coming back from a five-day anniversary celebration (photos are from our trip!).

During this time, my husband and I had a chance to do some reminiscing and reflecting over our 25 years of marriage. As we did, we discovered a few things about ourselves.

We have always been intentional about our relationship.

Even though we were attracted to each other, it went beyond just the physical. We met and served together on a missions trip one summer and have bonded through ministry.

It still is one of the key things that bonds us together today. Through serving on campus ministry, raising our children, putting on retreats and now caring for Anah, our greatest joys have been making disciples of Christ together. As we project into the future, we are thinking about how we might serve Him together in our golden years, if He wills it.

In what ways can God use your relationship to further His gospel?


God has used our relationship to sanctify and purify us personally.

Both of us tend to be people-pleasers, each for our own purposes. We realized that these dynamics did not help us to be honest with each other. In fact, they actually harmed our relationship and isolated us.

During our trip, as we stepped back, we were able to trace and pinpoint these times when we got derailed. Though our conversation got heated at moments and for me, uncomfortably convicting, even then, God used my husband to purify my heart.

How is God using your spouse to sanctify you through your marriage?


When life gets busy, we need to plan to nurture our marriage.

This has been especially true since we added children. At first, one child was not too hard, but now with four children—and one with special needs—it is non-existent unless we make plans to rectify that. We have tried being spontaneous but to be truthful, we are just not that type of couple—ever—and need the guidance of a plan in order to move forward.

So on our last day, we thought through what are life-giving times for us as a couple and started to make plans to incorporate them into our lives on a more consistent basis together. Times for serving, study (we admit we’re nerds!), space (daily, weekly, annually), and yes, sex.

What life-giving ways can you plan to help you nurture your marriage?

Intentional marriage can be a powerful tool in the hands of God. Through our relationship with one another, we are being sanctified and prepared to meet the One our hearts truly long for. This is true even if you are single.

One day the long engagement will be over, and we will see our Bridegroom face to face. There will be joy and celebration—all will be made right.

How will you prepare for that day?  

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