Bible Bite: Could God Be Playing Dumb?

Bible Bite: Could God Be Playing Dumb?

What cares are on your heart right now? What are you thinking about? What are you feeling?

  • Maybe it’s stress at all that is on your plate.

  • Maybe it’s grief over a loss.

  • Maybe it’s confusion—why is this happening to me?

  • Maybe it’s frustration—about yourself or others.

  • Maybe it’s despair—will things—or I—ever change?

Got something in mind? Good.

This week, I was reading Luke 24:13-35 about the two men on the road to Emmaus. You probably know the story: these two men were walking out of Jerusalem, sad, confused, and yet hopeful about the recent events in the city.

As they were walking, Jesus approaches them and strikes up what is (to me) a rather comical conversation.

Here they are, on the other side of the greatest news story of all time, and He seems to be completely oblivious to it!

I have wondered—why does the God who knows all play dumb?

Of course He knows!

Could it be that He asks because He is inviting us to share?

Because they assume He doesn’t know, the two men tell all, pouring out their story and all that has happened.

And He listens. Oh so patiently, He listens.

Then He speaks. He gently chides them for their limited understanding, but He doesn’t punish them for it.

Rather, He starts explaining life according to the Father’s story.

Little by little, as what once seemed a puzzle begins to be reinterpreted in light of the Grand Story, their hearts begin to burn.

At their destination, they invite him to stay and fellowship with them over a meal. Though it looks like He was planning to go on, He accepts their invitation and breaks bread with them.

As I read this passage, I was struck by several things about our Savior.

He invites.

He explains.

He receives.

This is what relationship with Jesus looks like.

So let’s go back to your personal situation.

Do you see His presence in it? Do You recognize Him?

Sometimes, we are so wrapped up, blinded, by life that we fail to see Him.

And when we do, He may be unrecognizable because we see through an imperfect grid.

In my own grief and despair in our adoption experience, I completely missed Him. I misinterpreted His silence as apathy, the hardship as punishment.

In this passage, we learn several important things.

  • He is there in the midst of our suffering, despair, or even immaturity.

  • If we are willing to listen, He will help us reinterpret our experience in light of His greater story.

  • When we respond, He is ready to accept your invitation for continued fellowship.

This is what relationship with God in the midst of stress, sadness, confusion, hopelessness, you-name-it looks like.

He’s there. Do you see Him?

Talk to Him about your cares.

Then listen. Let Him interpret your situation through the Father’s perspective.

Let Him bear your burdens with you.

It’s the best thing you can do.

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