What Is Your Personal Curriculum?: A Peek at What I'm Reading

What Is Your Personal Curriculum?: A Peek at What I'm Reading

Perhaps you’ve gotten this far and are wondering: So what do you do/read?

Good question.

As I plan for my kids’ studies every year, I have realized that I need to do this for myself too.

This year, I developed a “back to basics” curriculum for myself, focusing on the firm and foundational.

To this end, I have been reading Even Better Than Eden by Nancy Guthrie, which traces nine themes that span the entire Bible. Ever since I took the Biblical Interpretation class with the School of Biblical Counseling and heard Nancy speak at CCEF’s national conference last year, I have realized that this was a big hole in my understanding. I wanted to remedy that.

In tandem, I am also working through the Old Testament genres using her Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament Bible study series. To further solidify and remember, I am trying to blog my discoveries. Many of my Bible Bites are personal reflections on the things that impacted me and are shaping my understanding.

Another “foundational” practice is reading through A Praying Life by Paul Miller.

I have always struggled with prayer, but it wasn’t until the life-threatening heart attack of a dear family friend that I realized how much I needed to learn how to pray. So this is another part of my personal curriculum for the year.

I also try to learn something about how to be a better homeschool teacher, as this is my primary vocation at this time. This quarter, it has been about refining my ability to analyze literature. So I have been reading How to Read Literature Like a Professor: For Kids by Thomas C. Foster to sharpen my skills.

Leadership development is important for me too, so I am getting ready to dig into Michael Hyatt’s new book, Free to Focus. Self-help gets a lot of eye rolls nowadays from Christians, but if we know how to do it, why aren’t we? I know I need help, so I read them. With some discernment, I look forward to improving the way I see and live life.

I also enjoy learning via podcasts. Here too, I have a “curriculum” and I basically listen to whatever my mind and soul needs at the moment. Yesterday, I listened to a bunch of AfterCast podcasts in preparation for my homeschooling workshop on Saturday.

Lastly, for fun, I plan to tackle Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. I’ve never read it before, but watching the PBS version of it recently has made me want to try it. This one is probably going to take me a few quarters to get through, but I hope that by immersing myself in this story, coupled with the literary analysis skills I am cultivating, I will receive a real education in humanity.

Though these are different topics, I am always amazed at how they connect—creating even deeper understanding and insight that helps me to apply what I learn.

What’s your curriculum?

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