What's Your Mission?: Grasping God's Kingdom Purpose

What's Your Mission?: Grasping God's Kingdom Purpose

A mission statement gives a sense of direction, but it doesn’t spell out the details.

But it does tell us a lot about the values of the people or organization behind it.

As believers, we have a mission statement too, one that reflects the One who created us. We can (and should) wrestle with it. It can be basically summed up in three short phrases:

·       Love God.

·       Love others.

·       Make disciples.

We all have a mission, whether we realize it or not. Take a look at how you live and you might get a hint.

What is yours?

You may be on a mission for love to fill the emptiness, affirmation from others to fill the longing for approval, or the trappings of life to fill the need for fulfillment.

Without Christ, my mission was all about my survival—getting through my days with as little suffering as possible and with the greatest personal gain.

As the Creator of this world, of my life, He knows where He’s going. He knows what He has created us for.

With the entrance of sin, however, we have strayed from that purpose. It’s usually rooted in my will, my agenda, myself.

What’s your mission? What are you living for?

It’s worth thinking about, for it will color everything else.

The greatest joy in life comes when I respond to Him in love, worship, and gratitude. I am made for this. You are made for this.

My greatest satisfaction in life comes when I invest my days in loving others, telling them about Jesus, and pointing them to Him. It is an investment that will carry on into eternity. Nothing else here on earth will.

The greatest work I can do is helping others know, love, and serve this God. It is bringing who He has made me to be into relationship with others and playing my part to bring the body of Christ into maturity (Eph. 4:12-14).

It’s your mission too, whether you are single, newlywed, or in the thick of diapers and laundry.

It gives us purpose to our days, no matter whether we are healthy, battling cancer, at the peak of our career or unemployed.

Knowing my mission has helped me to make sense of life with Anah. It has given me a direction in the swirl of confusion.

But there did come a point where I needed to make a choice. Will I align myself with His mission or continue insisting on my own? I cannot serve two masters (Matt. 6:24). Neither can you.

Father, I confess I live by purposes contrary to Your own. Would you open my eyes to see those purposes, and humble my heart to accept Yours? Teach me how to live in Your ways, in Your story, that I might walk out my days as You have written them for me. I am Yours.

Action: Identify your personal mission. How does it line up with God’s Great Commandment (Matt. 22:38-40) and His Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20)? Which will you choose?

Update 2/9/19: I added a Part 2 to this topic.

2/14/19: And Part 3!

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