Marriage: Preparing for Heaven

Marriage: Preparing for Heaven

One thing I am discovering in this season of my life is that everything we experience here on earth is a hint of something even more glorious yet to come.

Bread and water. Flowers, trees, mountains. Home, family, children.

All of them are symbols representing something in God’s reality.

So it is with marriage.

When I think of my own wedding day 25 years ago, I remember the one thing I looked forward to most: the day when we no longer need to say goodbye for the evening. The day where we will start living together as husband and wife.

We worked while we waited, planning, preparing, and dreaming of the future to come. As the day drew nearer, we began to pack up the things from our old homes and transfer them into our little two-bedroom apartment. We washed the dishes we received from bridal showers, arranged furniture, and started setting up the house.

Just as we anxiously anticipated our wedding day, so does our Bridegroom. He too is waiting for His glorious Bride (Rev. 21:9ff).

While He is waiting, He is planning and preparing for the future to come. He is preparing a place for us in His Father’s home (John 14:2).

What are we to do?

We do the same.

Until that day, we watch, wait, and long for that day when we will be united with our Savior and will live with Him forever (Rev. 21:3).

But with a long engagement, it is sometimes easy to forget the home we are destined for.

We stop watching, we stop waiting, we stop preparing.

Which is why the Bible is replete with exhortations to watch and wait, to be ready (Matt. 25:13 for example).

This is not a passive watching and waiting but an active one. We are to be preparing for his coming with anticipation, lest we are caught unawares and be ashamed (Luke 12:35-48).

Serving others.

Making disciples.

Training the next generation.

And loving my husband.

As I write this post in light of vision, I am challenged with this question: In what ways does loving my spouse now prepare me to love my Savior when He comes again?

When I nurture my marriage, enter into its hardships, challenges, and struggles, I am cultivating the character and nature that will help me to love Jesus more.

  • When I overlook sins and forgive, I better appreciate His grace and forgiveness. 

  • When I sacrifice my self-centeredness and think as a team, I prepare myself to reign with Him.

  • When I hold my tongue from criticism and instead seek to encourage, I prepare myself to sing His praises.

  • When I invest in forging a one flesh relationship, I prepare myself to be united with Him.

How might nurturing your marriage prepare you for our wedding to come?

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