Lessons Learned to Life Lived: Applying What You Read

Lessons Learned to Life Lived: Applying What You Read

In a previous post, I shared how I start taking the ideas I learn—whatever the source—and start interacting with it.

It’s one thing to glean ideas, but it’s another thing to apply it.

We like the first part, but if we want to hit the mother lode, we need to be willing to put it into action.

Journaling is a start, but what I need to do is find the intersection with my life.

That’s what wisdom is.

The Bible provides the essential brushstrokes. It defines reality by telling us the grand Story. It provides structure to our understanding of what a life well-lived looks like. It motivates us by restoring relationship with our Father through the Son. And it gives us purpose as we learn to interpret our ordinary moments in light of eternity.

Because His truth is eternal, He doesn’t script out all the details.

Instead He has given us something better—His Spirit.

As I read and such an application surfaces, I write it down. Maybe it’s a person to forgive, a hack to implement, a habit to start, or a goal to set.

Then I need to take that idea and then break it down into action.

If I’m not sure what to do, I take it to Him in prayer. I ask the Lord how to start.

What’s the first thing I can do?

This is different than what I know I ought to do.

I can know I want to eat cleaner so that my body is at its best to serve Him.

But knowing needs to translate to something actionable—the very next step.

So instead of revamping my whole menu, I set one little goal: learning how to add vegetables into our meals. Then I broke this down into smaller steps: researching recipes my family will eat, buying ingredients and planning them into our menus. Then I’ll tackle another step.

Little steps add up. I’m not there yet, but I have made progress.

Isn’t that freeing? He doesn’t expect us to change all at once.

But if we can find that one step and take it, things in your life will reshift. Habits persist because we have trained it that way. Why not train a new one?

If we make one change, however small, we break the cycle.

If you cannot find this one step, keep working backward and reverse-engineering until you find it.

Often times we don’t take action because we cannot find this first step. Good ideas stay on our to-do list forever because the idea, while good, is just too big.

As we read, look for these ideas. Pick one that would make the most difference. Then take some time to plan how you might turn that idea into a project or a habit.

Doing this has revamped my personal quiet time, prayer time, morning routines, and more. It has turned what I read into what I do.

Where will you start first?


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