What Hats Do You Wear?: Thinking in Roles

What Hats Do You Wear?: Thinking in Roles

Do you wear a lot of hats? I do.

I am a daughter of the King. I represent Him and serve Him. My first allegiance is to Christ.

I am also a wife. Together, my husband and I have the privilege of portraying the relationship of Christ and His bride to others.

I am a mom. God has blessed our family with children to love, nurture, and disciple, that they too might be faithful followers of Jesus.

Not only that, I am an adoptive mom. Though similar, adopting children does add a slightly different dimension—and opportunity.

I am a steward. God has graced me with a physical body to care for, a mind to cultivate, and gifts to invest for His Kingdom. He has provided me with money to put to good use for eternal ends.

I am a member of the Church universal. God has placed me in a local church to equip and build up the saints, which is not limited to my neighborhood.

Speaking of neighborhood, I am a neighbor. Whether believers or not, wherever I go, I am an ambassador for Christ—to the families on my street, to the grocer in the market, or to the grumpy old man sitting next to me on the plane.

But ministry is not only “out there.” God reminds me that I am a homemaker, an honorable vocation in His sight. When I provide meals, do laundry, and keep my home livable (not perfect!), I show hospitality to my family and to others.

What roles do you play?

Over the past few posts, we have been looking at how we live out God’s overarching mission in our own lives.

God has given us a specific set of gifts, education, and/or experience to live out His Great Commandment and Great Commission.  

But we do not live in isolation. Those specific blessings need to be lived out in context of people.

So He placed us here, in this time and in the place you find yourself in. You might live in Canada or Cambridge or Cairo.

But He has put you somewhere, in a circle of people that He has picked for you.

Part of intentional living is learning how to bring who we are into the people God has placed into our lives.

How do we show our love for God by loving others? How can we be disciple-makers, whether we are full-time moms at home, a single missionary overseas, or an empty nester with grandkids halfway around the world?

Instead of wishing we were younger (or older), married (or single), how might God bring who He has made us to be so that we might bless others?

This question has shifted my way of thinking entirely. It made me look at my life through new eyes and see things in new ways.

Try it yourself. What are you created to contribute? How does it intersect with the people I rub shoulders with?

Ask God. Take notes. And read on.

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