Food Stewardship

Food Stewardship

In my last post on diet, I shared that I shifted to viewing diet as a sustainable lifestyle choice, not a one-time fix.

This is not a food blog, so I won’t try to replicate what’s out there.

Besides, there are way too many options and opinions.

I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist either, and with all the research being done, information gets outdated quickly.

So use your best judgment. God has given us the gift of discernment. Think about how you tend to think and use what you learn to influence your plan.

For me, I realized two things about myself.

If you tell me I cannot have something, I will most likely want it even more.

That’s why diets that cut out something completely or require you to eat one kind of food is not for me. (It also strikes me as being unbalanced and unwise.)

I believe God created food to be enjoyed, not a dictator—either through overeating or radically cutting it out.

Some may need a black and white, hard and fast rule. I realized the rebel in me doesn’t respond well to that long-term.

So what I do instead is this: if I know a special meal is coming up (especially where I cannot control what is offered, like a party), I work hard the rest of the week or day to eat healthy.

Then what that time comes, I enjoy it to the fullest!

With sweets, I am learning to be satisfied with just a bite. A taste of the ice cream is just as good as a bowl. Eventually, I hope I won’t even need the bite.

Other strategies include picking the best option, modifying it (e.g. lettuce wrap in lieu of bread), or eating half and saving or sharing the rest.

Another thing I learned is that smaller meals spaced out through the day are a lot better for me than big meals at the traditional times.

I also learned that balancing protein with carbs at a 1:1 ratio helps me to lessen the insulin spike that results when we eat just carbs.

At the regular mealtimes, I enjoy the meal—but I eat a smaller portion. I know that in a couple of hours, I can eat a snack that will help tide me over till my next main meal.

For our family, mealtimes is usually our connection time so I have maintained that schedule, but in between, the smaller snack helps prevent me from pigging out because I’m so hungry.

It does take a little work, but not much more. I work at planning what I eat and making sure a variety of suitable options are available.

The more I learn about food, the more amazed I am at God’s variety and beauty. These then help me to fuel myself and steward my health in a way that both sustains and enriches.

What are some ways you have stewarded your health with food?

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