How Putting God First Will Impact Everything In Your Life

How Putting God First Will Impact Everything In Your Life

So why did I spend a whole month focusing on making our spiritual relationship with God our first priority?

Because we cannot live a truly satisfying life without it.

Some of us may try to find satisfaction in our work. Some in our relationships. Some in our own personal development.

But on their own, these things can never fully satisfy.

They were not made to.

The only thing that can deeply satisfy us is God Himself.

He made us that way.

So when we, in faith, anchor our lives in this relationship first and foremost, the rest does fall in place (Matt. 6:33).

We learn to see ourselves rightly.

We recognize our limits. We acknowledge our sins. We celebrate our unique contributions.

He helps us to love and care for ourselves in a healthy way, not a demanding one.

We also see the people around us rightly.

When God’s love satisfies us and fills us, we then can become the conduit of that love to other people—spouse, children, co-workers, neighbors, those that need Jesus.

We love God. He loves us.

We become like Him. We begin to love as He loves.

And what He loves is people.

He guides us to see the needs of the people around us and provides us what we need to faithfully tend to their needs in His name.

Finally, we see our work rightly.

No longer is it a means to earn favor with God, gain our own ends, or feel productive, but it becomes a way to love God in the midst of our ordinary work.

It is not a way to find our worth because it is already satisfied in Christ.

Work becomes our way to bring who we are to the needs around us and bless others.

All this goodness begins with seeking God first.

Without Him, we may slave away from dawn to dusk and still feel empty.

We may check off many tasks and still be discontent.

We may be surrounded by friends, active in many communities, and serve on many committees and still feel lonely.

Life is not about things. It is about relationships—starting with the one we share with God.

This one relationship will trickle out into everything we do, flavoring our daily moments and greatest contributions with the aroma of Christ.

If we want to live intentionally, this is the best investment we can make.

It is how we love others around us. It is how we serve as His ambassador. It is how we disciple others, pointing them to Him as their source of fulfillment.

For me, this is what a life of no regrets looks like.

It is bringing who I am in Christ, with all that He has gifted me, to those around me. It is serving them in love.

That is how I want to live my days—loving God, loving others.

Do you?

Start with Him.

You won’t regret it.

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