I Know Spring Will Come

Photo Credits:  Janna Christian

Photo Credits: Janna Christian

Keith and Kristyn Getty have a wonderful line in their song, “The Lord Is My Salvation.” In the middle stanza, they write,

“My hope is hidden in the Lord

He flow’rs each promise of His Word

When winter fades I know spring will come

The Lord is my salvation.”

How often I put my hope in the wrong place. I put my hope in the tree instead of the God who has the seasons in His hands. Misplaced hope will always lead to disappointment.

How often my hopes rise when I see Anah learning something new and figuring things out on her own. And then just as quickly, that hope is dashed when I find that it was a one-time thing—maybe even a fluke. Sometimes I put my hope in my own abilities or self-centered dreams. Or sometimes I hope that others will help bail me out instead of putting my hope in Christ.

I have thought often about this image of the seasons—the gray wintry deadness giving way, little by little through the rains and the warmer weather, to the hope and color of spring. This annual cycle reminds me that death is necessary for natural life, a time to rest, heal, and prepare for the future. So it is with spiritual life. Sometimes, God needs to do some drastic work, leading us to a place of death, where we die to the things we have held on to for life.

But if He should lead us into death, it is not for dying’s sake. It is so that we are strengthened for the spring to come and the new life that comes out of it. That is the amazing hope for those of us who hope in Christ. With Him, dead things do not stay dead. He has power over death—and that is the hope I need to cling to.

When winter fades I know spring will come.

I can say that with confidence and surety. It is a solid hope because He has triumphed over the grave. He has won the victory over death. And if I am to follow in His footsteps, that will happen for me. Even if I should have to struggle all my life till the end of my days, there will be victory for me at last.

So until that day, I can sing along with the Gettys:

“In times of waiting, times of need

When I know loss, when I am weak

I know His grace will renew these days

The Lord is my salvation.”

Father, even when things look bleak, open my eyes to see the evidence of the spring to come. Please teach me how to put my trust in You, for You are my salvation.

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