Let me first start out by saying that I do not believe there is one right way to parent. This site is not going to espouse a particular style of parenting. Instead, I hope to help moms seek the Lord, the one who created their children from the womb, to hear from Him, and to discern from Him what is the best way they are to raise their children. I do not see myself as a guru with the definitive answer for your children, but I hope that the Lord will use me to help you to seek Him on what is best for your family and your individual child. However, I do believe that God does give us some foundational principles for parenting and discipleship. I like to think of it as one principle with many manifestations, each unique.

First of all, our children are gifts from God. No matter the situation or circumstance in which they were conceived, regardless of whether they are our naturally born children or adopted, they are gifts from God, a heritage and a reward. They are blessings from Him (Psalm 127). We are called as parents to help them to find their worth from Him.

Second, our children are uniquely designed by God (Psalm 139:15, 16). He wove them together, filled them with talents, created their personalities, and orchestrated their bents. That is true of us as parents as well. God uniquely puts us together as families and for this reason, I believe there is no one right way to parent. What works for my family may not work for yours because you are different than I am and your children are different than mine. In fact, what might work for one child in the family may not work for another! There may be overlapping similarities, and sometimes there may be suggestions that you can try, but there are no guarantees. We need to seek the Master Designer for the final answer.

Third, parents are to be the ones who are the primary disciplemakers of our children. This involves both mother and father if at all possible. Deuternomy 6:7-8 commands parents to teach our children to love the Lord with our whole beings and to impress God's commandments on the hearts of our children. Interestingly, we are to do this throughout the ordinary routines of life, not in a classroom. I believe that all of life---chores, school, decision-making, athletics, etc.---are all arenas in which we can disciple our children. Opportunities abound. As primary disciplemakers, we can elect to delegate that responsibility to others, but we will ultimately be held responsible. At the end, God will ask us how we stewarded our trust.

Lastly, while there may be stages of growth, discipleship is not a linear process. We will never "master" one level and move on to the next. Instead, I believe that discipleship may be better described as a spiral process, ebbing and flowing through seasons. We all, children and parents, go through this cycle. The Lord will keep moving you and your children through a journey that will be your own unique story. As parents, we are to walk alongside our children as they follow Jesus, loving them, praying for them, and pouring our lives out in them. In this way, God allows us to be used as a conduit of His love and care as they grow in Him.