Have you ever thought about this? Why are you here today as a believer in Christ? More often than not, it is because someone who loved and cared for you personally passed on the message of Jesus Christ to you. As Christian parents, I believe this is the greatest inheritance and legacy that we can ever pass on to our children for it not only helps them through their days here on earth, but allows them to stand rightly before their God and Maker. Interestingly, God chose to spread the Good News not through mass marketing but through ordinary people like you and me. He started with twelve imperfect men whom He commissioned to spread the word as well as teach, train and equip in the faith. They took the baton and then ran their course, passing on the faith to those around them. This process continued throughout the millenia, all around the world until it came to us. Unless we pick up the baton as well, our faith will die with us. We are the link that God uses to ensure that the next generation is equipped to not only share the Gospel but to help prepare those they disciple to do the job as well. 

And so, the vision of  Mom University is:

To see a generation of leaders, lovingly nurtured by their mothers (and fathers!) to become all God intended them to be so that they can take their place as messengers of the Good News of Jesus and disciplers of the faith in their generation.

However, this can only take place when those who are doing the discipling have something to pass on. Many moms I talk to understand the vision and passionately want their children to be disciplemakers too, but for some reason or other, feel that they are not prepared, don't know enough or feel intimidated by the immensity of the task. Make no mistake: disciplemaking is a big job. But then again, we have a big God who has given us all we need for life and godliness. Not only that He has given us the authority and the resources we need to do that work. He will not do it for us, but He will most certainly help us.

This is where I envision this ministry going. My personal passion and life mission is to help moms grow in their own faith and relationship with the Lord.

The mission of Mom University is:

To encourage and equip the hearts, souls, minds and hands of Christian mothers so they may confidently pour their lives into their children throughout their season of active motherhood.

It is my firm belief that unless moms are filled with the Spirit, it is difficult to train spiritually strong children. That is why I am so passionate about training mothers. One of my mantras is we cannot give away what we do not have. I hope that the classes and materials that you find here will help you to feed your own soul, give you ideas to consider, and find help in areas you struggle with in order that you may be the best mother you can be for your children. A mother living out of overflow will pour blessings out onto their children that will help them to grow into their calling. Far from being selfish, a mom who takes time to care for herself will in turn be a mom that God can use.