I wish I could tell you that I have a long list of letters after my name, but the fact is, I don’t. I am an ordinary mom, living in an ordinary town, with ordinary kids, and a rather ordinary life. My only claim to fame is that I serve an extraordinary God. If there is anything noteworthy in my life, it is all because of Him.

I started following Jesus wholeheartedly when I was in college. In fact, the name of this site is in fond memory for my years at UC Davis. I always tell people that even though I have a degree in biological science, I think the greatest lessons I learned were not in the classroom. It was in my college years that I came to know God personally, took my first mission trip, and received the call to enter full-time ministry. It was where I met wonderful friends that have helped shape me into the person I am today, friends that have challenged me and loved me through all sorts of shortcomings as well as believed in me as a future leader.

Though I am no longer officially a university student, I still love learning as God leads me into new paths with Him. I love to read. I love discovering things with my children as I homeschool them. I love connecting and discussing ideas with the families that come through my Sunday school classes at my church. I am learning what it means to dream big even as I do the ordinary and often mundane work as a homemaker. And I am learning how to love our adopted daughter even when it is not returned or appreciated...and especially when it is just plain hard. 

What I share on my blog are snippets of those lessons that God has taught me. As my roles and interests run the gamut, you will find entries about a new recipe right alongside with an insight from God's Word, a book review next to a scrapbook page that I created, pictures of a date with my husband juxtaposed with a lesson from our homeschool. I hope that as I record what I have learned and discovered, you too will be blessed as you join me in this continual learning journey. I hope it will inspire you not to stop growing in God, in your relationships, in your ministry, in your skills, and in your faith. 

Though I originally started this blog as a meeting place for moms, I have since had the privilege of walking with dads as well. I decided not to change the name of this website, but in reality, moms and dads are both welcome. I see us fighting in the trenches together, giving support and help to one another as we seek to raise up the next generation of faithful disciples. I have learned so much from other parents who have gone before me and hope that I might be able to do the same for others. If I haven’t had the opportunity to meet you yet, feel free to drop me a line at vera@verachristian.com. There’s always room for one more at the Mom University!